Tamara Cameron at a Fuller Lodge Art Center Opening standing in front of A Part of Me, 39x20x11, $2400

Tamara Cameron

Tamara Cameron is a professional artist whose sculptures are collected by patrons throughout the United States.  Her work is inspired by and derived from the human form.  Tamara’s love for art began as a young child growing up in America’s heartland, Iowa.  As an adult, this love accompanied her to Santa Fe, New Mexico, an area that continues to inspire her.

Tamara Cameron’s first memory of clay is indelible.  Passing through a pottery studio at the age of eight, she was mesmerized by a woman throwing a vase on a wheel.  Bearing witness to a spinning ball of clay guided by a pair of hands into a vase was momentous, sowing the seeds of what would eventually become Tamara’s life passion.

While attending public school she was introduced to several art classes.  Her first “masterpiece”, a tennis shoe made from clay, was selected for a group show at the local community college - from this experience an impression was formed.  Tamara’s artistic voice was quieted for a time when Midwestern practicality left her feeling that art was not a viable career choice.  Clay was put aside while she continued her education, attending Central College in Pella, Iowa where she studied business, and graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Economics.

During her earlier professional career in Atlanta, Tamara attended several art classes at Georgia State University.  While sketching one of Henry Moore’s sculptures she fell in love with the intelligibility and fluidity of his forms.  Subsequent classes in clay hand building served to marry her love of clay with her interest in the figure.

After leaving Atlanta in the mid 1990’s Tamara settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment”.  She continued her art education a the Community College of Santa Fe.  It was in a clay hand building class that she first created a coiled female torso and was both moved and inspired by what she had produced.  Tamara set aside clay for a short while to renovate a house and then oversee the construction of her current home, one with a studio space - it was time to focus on art.

Over the last several years Tamara has been diligently working in her studio acquiring an in-depth knowledge of clay and glazes.  She continually tests the limits of clay, pushing it to the boundaries of its tensile strength.  Tamara’s exploration of glaze chemistry has helped her develop complex single fire glazes in earthen color palates which ground her tenuous, minimalist forms.

Santa Fe, its surrounding landscape, culture and community have gradually shaped who she has become and, in turn, they have influenced her sculptural work.  It is a region of sharp contrasts in balanced existence - ancient and modern, stark and rich.  Clean lines help create an aesthetic of simplicity, beauty and honesty of purpose.  The clear night sky, changing seasons and vast, harsh yet beautiful landscapes are collaborative influences within her work. 

Tamara Cameron’s journey continues.  Her work is the beginning of a dialogue with its viewer - discovering clarity within fluidity and change.